Дидактические материалы для изучения истории родного края на уроках английского языка

Автор: Мешкова Евгения Павловна

Организация: МБОУ «СОШ №95 им.Н.Щукина» п.Архара

Населенный пункт: Амурская область, п. Архара


«A blast from the past»

Arharinsky district of the Amur region is widely known among Russian and foreign paleontologists* due to the discovery of numerous dinosaur remains* near the village of Kundur in 1990. In 2001, a complete skeleton of a hadrosaur named "Vanyusha" was extracted* in Kundur (Fig. 9). This is the first discovery of a complete dinosaur skeleton in Russia. This hadrosaur was distinguished* from its relatives by a giant crest on its head in the form of a hood and an unusually long neck, which gave the dinosaur the name olorotitan arharinsky (Fig. 10).



Translated from Greek, it means "giant Swan from Arhara". The long neck of the lizard is formed by 18 vertebrae. In 2010, due to these remains new species of plant eating dinosaurs were described – Acharavia from the group of titanosaurs . The lizards of this group had long necks and tails and moved on four legs (Fig. 11). They were up to 35-40 meters long and weighed between 110 tons. The name of the genus* Archaravia was derived from the name of the village in the Amur region where the remains were found, and the Latin word "via", which is translated as "road", since the remains were found on the way to this village.

Are you interested in dinosaurs? Sometimes a lot of amazing things come to us from the past.

  1. -(-Find as much information as you can about dinosaurs./-Draw any kind of the dinosaur./-Present the project to your classmates./- Be ready to describe it in details.) Vocabulary-paleontologists*- палеонтологи remains*- останки extracted*- извлекать distinguished* -отличать genus*- род


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