Школьная форма в разных странах мира

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Тип мероприятия : интегрированный.

Дети представляют определённую страну под музыку, этой страны , национальную символику (представленные слайды на экране) и в школьной форме этой страны.



Teacher: Hello, happy faces! Nice to meet you! I hope you are fine and in a good mood.

Today we are going to summarise what we have learned about school, school life and school uniform. I hope you will be active and hard –working.

  1. WARM –UP

Teacher: First of all I want you to answer my questions , do you wear a school uniform in our school?

What colour is it?

Do you like it?

What do you know about the history school uniform ?

Do you have a school uniform in your school?


Today we can to learn about school uniform at different times in different countries.

Звучит песня о школе (Первый школьный звонок . музыка Ю. Чичкова слова М. Пляцковского). (видео 1).

At different times since the inception of schools, a school uniform was introduced in schools. Today we want to tell you about the history of school uniforms of different times and peoples.

In my school uniform, we mean uniform for students during their stay at school. Now, as before, there are many arguments for and against wearing school uniform. Let’s look at how to develop a school uniform in Russia.

Schools in the USSR.

I want to tell you about school uniform in my childhood.

Since coming to power in 1918 the Communists, school uniforms were abolished. It was considered a bourgeois indulgence.

The school uniform becomes compulsory again after the GREAT PATRIOTIC WAR in the Soviet Union introduced a school uniform.

In 1973 there was a new reform of school which introduced a new school uniform for boys and girls. It was a blue suit of blend fabric, decorated with logo and 5 aluminium buttons ,cuffs and the two pockets with flaps on the chest.

For girls ,again, nothing has changed and the mother- craftswomen sewed these beautiful black aprons of fine wool ,and white silk and muslin , beautiful laces.

In the early 1980s, was introduced form for high school students.(This form started to wear since the 8-th grade). Girls from first to seventh grade wore a brown dress, as in the previous period. Only it was slightly above the knees.

Boys pants and jacket replaced the trouser suit. The color of the fabric was still blue. Also blue was the emblem on yhe sleeve.

Modern Russia returns to school uniform(especially lyceums and gymnasiums) as way of belonging to an educational institution. But the issue of mandatory introduction of the school uniform for all is being discussed.

Звучит песня в исполнении Битлз” Yesterday”

School uniforms were introduced on a large scale during the reign of King Henry 8-th . The uniforms of the time were reffered as” bluecoats”, as they consisted of long trench-coat-style jackets dyed blue. Blue was the cheapest available dye and showed humility amongst all children. The first school to introduce this uniform was Christ’s Hospital in London.


  1. school uniform in modern England, although mandatory, but each school has the right to establish its own standart of closing for students. style of the school uniform in England is classical and traditional. Most often it’s a jacket or a cardigan with a school logo, a white shirt, for a girl –pleated skirt to the knees, for the boy- trousers. It is believed that this classic style of clothing subconsciously affects the temperament of English students, as well as the feelings of beauty. It’s only in the schoolchildren’s clothes that sometimes incongruous : bright colors, severity, style and quality. In England , each school chooses the form, but on shirts and jackets it shows its own symbolism.

Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars – Uptown Funk (музыка 2)


The school uniform in the US and Canada is distributed in private schools, for which the main suppliers work. In public schools , the school uniform is not required. But still in most schools there is a dress code, they also wear a interchangeable shoes and trousers for physical education. Disputes about the school uniform in the USA and Canada are permanent. Strong advocates of democracy advocate the rights of students to their own style. But some are convinced that the school uniform carries discipline and improves academic performance. Discussions have not yet been brought to a conclusion.


In Australia, the shape can be of different colors and styles, depending on the school and season. Boys under the age of 13 wear shorts, and in the senior classes go to trousers. On the top can be jackets or jumpers, but in almost every Australian school students wear hats. In general, quite a young rangers.

Звучит песня на японском языке « У самого синего моря» видеоклип.( видео 2)


For students in Japan, the school uniform is not only a school symbol, but also a symbol of modern fashion trends, which is often the decisive factor when choosing a school. The Japanese school uniform for girls looks like sailors’ suits. An indispensable attribute of the school uniform for girls is a short skirt and knee socks. Such schoolgirls are familiar to anime fans. The Japanese school uniform for boys is a classical dark costume, more often.

Muslim’s country schools

For Muslim students, it is important to take into account not only national, but religious norms in school uniform. When the girls turn 12, they put on the hijab. However, up to the age 12, starting from the first grade, they wear the school uniform. It can be a tunic, one of the versions of the hijab (Muslim kerchief). Even the length of the mowing of boys is normalized—a few cm above the collar, without whiskers. Cosmetics and hairspray are not allowed in the Muslim school. Muslim students in some countries with compulsory school uniform (for example, in the UK) have their own elements in addition to those established according to the norms of their religion and traditions.

Chine китайский хит 2014 ( музыка №1)

The Chinese school uniform reminds us very much of the usual sports suit. In certain areas of the country the school itself chooses a color scheme. So, the most popular shade in the school uniform was a combination of red and white scales. Each kid also needs to have a bright red scarf around his neck.



The Lugansk People Republic

Звучит запись гимна Луганской Народной Республики (музыка 3)

School uniform is an integral part of school life in many countries . Most schools in the LPR also require school uniforms. Our school uniform consists of black jackets or vests with black skirts or trousers for girls, and black trousers for boys. Also middle school students wear a yellow school tie.

Our school has got a special own uniform. It is a dark trousers or a skirt with vest with a school logo on it. The shirt’s color depend from the day of the week. Schoolchildren wear white shirts on Mondays, pink ones on Wednesdays and Fridays, and blue ones on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Звучит песня на английском языке Учат в школе.(видео 3)

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