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I.-Начало урока. Приветствие. Отгадывание загадки о теме урока и сообщение целей урока.   (2 минуты)  

 -Hello, dear   students. Guess the topic of our lesson. This is a country with a lot of kangaroos.


-That’s it. It is today’s topic of the lesson.

 Компьютерная презентация 


Goals: So we’re going to practice speaking, reading, listening to  texts about Australia   in order to prepare  for your homework -   monologues  about Australia in OGE format .      

Компьютерная презентация 

Цель – подготовка к домашнему заданию – монологическому высказыванию об Австралии в формате ОГЭ.

Задачи: короткие монологические высказывания по теме, чтение и прослушивание текстов с целью извлечения основной информации.


II.  Проверка домашнего задания по чтению - сопоставление небольших текстов с заголовками.  

To begin with, I’ve already checked your homework which   you’ve sent me - your written task and matching the titles with the parts of the text.  Well done.


Прочитайте тексты и установите соответствие между текстами АE и заголовками 16. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании есть один лишний заголовок.


1.  Economy and industries      A

2.  Food and drinks                  E

3.  Main cities                           Extra

    4.  Leisure time                 C   

5.  Population                    1 

6.  Pages of history           D



A.5  Australia once had close ties with Great Britain. Until fifty years ago, almost all Australians were of British or Irish origin. But after World War II more than two million people arrived from Europe. New Australians, as they were known, were from Greece, Germany and Italy. Mass migration has changed Australia into a multicultural society. Today, people of Anglo-Irish origin are a minority. Many recent immigrants are from South East Asia, the Philippines and China .

B. 1 Australia's prosperity has been founded on its natural resources. It produces almost every mineral from gold to uranium. Traditionally, Australia was a farming country and its wealth was founded on wool, cattle and wheat. It is still a major exporter of food, making it the breadbasket of Asia. Agriculture and mining, however, employ comparatively few people. Tourism is now Australia's largest industry, employing 6% of the population. More than three million visitors come to the country each year.

C.4  In spite of the importance of the bush to Australian folklore, 90% of Australians live in cities. Almost everyone lives within a few kilometres of the sea and of the ocean. The beaches are used in same way as parks: families have picnics, people of all ages jog, play volleyball, swim or just walk. There is great interest in water sports like water skiing, surfing, swimming and sailing. Every city has tennis courts, allowing half a million people play competitively.


D. 6 The Dutch were the first Europeans to see Australia, in the early seventeenth century, but they found no opportunities to settle or trade. English explorer James Cook landed near Sydney 160 years later and claimed it for Britain. But still no one could think what to do with it. The American Revolution provided a solution. America had been used Australia as a dumping ground for criminals, mostly the unfortunate poor from cities created during the industrial revolution.

E. 2 Australians used to live on a diet of lamb and potatoes. But with such a variety of climates and with so many ethic groups, the Australian diet has changed dramatically. Cities like Melbourne and Sydney are proud of their huge range of ethnic restaurants and multicultural cuisine, ranging from Italian to Tibetan. The barbecue is a national institution. It is an informal event for people and there is nothing more refreshing than a swim before eating fruit, fresh salads, and steaks.



(1 минутa) 


III. Ведение новой лексики по теме  

Before looking for further information about Australia we need to learn some words.   (3 минуты)

Компьютерная презентация 


IV.   Чтение   текстов  c  целью нахождения   главных фактов  о населении, экономике, истории,  досуге, еде  и монологические высказывания учащихся   о самых удивительных и шокирующих фактах  

-What general information about Australia can you get from the text? What surprising or shocking facts about Australia are there?    I give you 5 minutes to do the task.  



-Абзац A.  Население 

  • British or Irish origin, 
  • immigration from Europe -   Greece, Germany and Italy, South East Asia, the Philippines and China 

Абзац B.  Экономика 

  • Natural resources - gold, uranium. 
  • Industries - mining, tourism, agriculture. 
  • Farming - wool, cattle, food -wheat 

  Абзац C.  Досуг 

  • Beaches, parks – picnics  
  • Sport - jogging, volleyball, walking., water sports - water skiing, surfing, swimming, sailing, tennis 

Абзац D.  История 

  • First Europeans - Dutch English explorer James Cook, criminals  

Абзац E.  Еда

  • Ethnic - lamb, potatoes, barbecue, fruit, fresh salads, 
  • Multicultural cuisine – Italian, Tibetan


Now your time is up.

  • What about statements about Australia which have surprised or shocked you most if any?


  • Australians used to live on a diet of lamb and potatoes. 
  • History
  • America had been used Australia as a dumping ground for criminals,


-Do you want to learn some more interesting facts else about the country?

- Yes. 

-Ok, let’s do it. (6 минут)   


V. Аудирование текста с целью извлечения новых фактов о спорте, животных и  способах проведения досуга в   Австралии, монологические высказывания учащихся о удивительных фактах.

   (8 минут) 

Listen to the text and write down only new facts which haven’t been mentioned about Australian people’s activities, sport and animals.  

I give you 7 minutes to do the task.  


outdoor activities - bushwalking, trekking, gardening, diving, fishing, horse riding

animals –  kangaroos,koalas, platypuses, echidnas, emus, dingoes, possum, poisonous snakes, insects

Try to remember   about the shocking or surprising   facts.  

 Now it’s time to finish.

 Shocking facts:

Free time



 most poisonous in the world snakes


VI.  Просмотр части    видео о природе Австралии  с целью определения правдивости фактов  или их отсутствия в тексте и исправления  неверных утверждений по фильму

 Watch an extract from a video and do the True /False\Not Stated task about Australian nature.   Correct wrong statements. 

I give you 3 minutes to do the task



True, false (correct wrong statements), not stated

1.It never snows in Australia. False. (There’s more snow than in Switzerland.)

2. Australia‘s nickname is Upside Down.  False. ( Down Under)

            3. There are about 200.000 kinds of unique animals in this country. Not stated. 

4.Australia has over 750 species of reptiles, 36 species of poisonous spiders and 20 species of snakes.  True.

5.Australian long fish   is a living thing    from a Triassic period 350 million years ago. True.

6.  Two thousand reefs of the Great Barrier Reef have 15 hundred species of fish. False. (Three thousand)

7. Diving in Australia is dangerous because of    salt water crocodiles. True.

             8. They can grow up to 6,7 metres and can weigh up to one ton.  Not stated. (8 минут )


  What fact about Australia surprised or shocked    you most of all?


  • There’s more snow than in Switzerland.
  • Name of the country
  • Australia‘s  nickname is   Down Under.   
  • Animals
  • Australia has over 750 species of reptiles, 36 species of poisonous spiders and 20 species of snakes.   
  • Australian long fish   is a living thing    from a Triassic period.  
  • Salt water crocodiles can grow up to 6,7 metres.    


.   VII. Домашнее задание

1.Подготовить   монологическое высказывание об Австралии в формате ОГЭ, используя прочитанный на уроке текст с добавлением интересных фактов из других прочитанных и прослушанных  текстов и видео;

2. прочитать    текст об Аборигенах Австралии и выполнить задание по тексту (Верно, неверно).

           At home you are going to prepare   to speak   about Australia using the text which we worked at.  Be sure to add some    surprising facts about the country.You must say not less than 12 sentences with introduction,       conclusion and linking words. 

You also have to read the text about Aborigines on page 115 of your coursebooks and do the True, false  task. ( 2 минуты  ) 


Список  использованной литературы  и интернет источников : 

1 New Opportunities. Russian edition. Intermediate. Students’ Book. Майкл Харрис , Давид Мовер, Анна Сикоржинска  и др., издательство Pearson Education Limited 2019

2 Аудиофайл к учебнику New Opportunities. Russian edition. Intermediate. Students’ Book. Майкл Харрис , Давид Мовер, Анна Сикоржинска  и др.,  

3  Видео  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hJm7kLzEmdE&t=268s

4 Текст     http://oge.fipi.ru/os/xmodules/qprint/index.php?theme_guid=E96F93EEDE6CA8634B72F9611B0CA56D&proj_guid=8BBD5C99F37898B6402964AB11955663



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