Внеклассное мероприятие: Музыкальный спектакль на английском языке по сказке «Goldilocks and the three bears»

Автор: Свистунова Злата Юрьевна

Организация: МБОУ СОШ № 11

Населенный пункт: г. Серпухов

Внеклассное мероприятие

Сказка «Златовласка и три медведя»

Fairy tale “Goldilocks and the three bears” - Звучит музыка ,

Презентация (домик семьи)

Narrator: Goldilocks, a little girl, has big blue eyes

And golden curls. Her mother tells her

Mother : Now, be good. Don’t go walking In the wood

Goldilocks Oh, mummy, please don’t worry!

Narrator But Goldilocks is in a hurry

Goldie – The wood is nice, The wood is cool, (на экране лес)

I can walk there on my way to school

The song : “Goldilocks” – поют учащиеся 4 кл ( минус)

Златовласка танцует и идет по тропинке в лесу.

Звучит музыка( выход медведей)

Narrator Now in the wood there live three bears (на экране дом медведей)

Mummy, daddy and baby

Daddy Let’s take a walk

Mummy Well, maybe; I ‘ve got some porridge

In this pot it’s very nice but it’s very hot

We can eat it when we all return

Let’s go outside And get some sun!

Narrator; Now, to the house Comes Goldilocks

And on the door She gives three knocks

Goldie: No one at home What luck I’ll go inside And have a look!

Yum ! I want some porridge Yuk! Not this And this one’s horrid!

But this one here Is very good And porridge is my favourite food!

Narrator: Then she sits upon a chair

Goldie – Oh, no Not this one that one there!

It’s nice and small not big at all!

Narrator: But then, poor Goldie has a fall

Goldie – Never mind the chair! I need a bed

I’ll go upstairs!

Narrator: The bed she finds is nice and small She goes to sleep in no time at all

The song : “ Go to sleep” ( минус – поют дети)

Mum – Now, come on, everyone!

Let’s eat the porridge! Yummy yummy!

Baby: But where is mine? It’s not here, is it there?

Daddy: Oh dear! Oh dear!

Narrator: Says daddy bear and then he sees poor baby’s chair

Baby: Mummy, mummy, it’s not fair!

Now, I haven’t got a chair!

Daddy: Let’s check the beds!

Narrator: Says Daddy Bear and then they all go up the stairs!

Baby: Who’s this? Who’s this In my nice bed?

Narrator: Then Goldie lifts Her sleepy head!

Goldie – Oh, no! I’m very sorry!

But please don’t cry! Please don’t worry!

Come to my house, come with me!

We can eat some cakes and drink some tea!

Narrator: So Goldilocks

And her three new friends

Are very happy in the end!

Sing the song : “ Everybody wants to love” - ( минус, поют дети)

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