Урок, посвященный первому космонавту Юрию Гагарину

Автор: Вихорева Елена Ивановна

Организация: МОУ СОШ № 1 г. Звенигорода

Населенный пункт: Московская область, г. Звенигород

This year marks the most significant date in the history of mankind. This is the 60th anniversary of the first human flight into space. It was made by Yuri Gagarin. At present the foreign language decade is held in Odintsovo. The topic of it is “Achievements of great people of Russia, their contribution to the prosperity of our fatherland and all mankind”. I decided to choose topic about Yuri Gagarin because of this great date. He could prove that flying into space is not a dream. One orbit around the planet in 108 minutes and successful landing of Vostok not only shocked the world, but showed that a space age has come in the history of mankind. After his flight a man’s spacewalk and man’s landing on the moon took place. I began to prepare material for the lesson in the 8th grade. I asked the students to make a newspaper about Gagarin, gave some students poems about the first cosmonaut in Russian so that they could learn them by heart. As for me, I found a short film about Gagarin in English on the Internet. It is called “Five minutes blographies. Yuri Gagarin”. Nine – minute film was easy to understand. I also showed them the presentation which I had made myself. I especially paid attention to the achievements of the first cosmonaut in Russia and in our country. I couldn’t find a long verse about Gagarin in English. There are a lot of poems about him in Russian. Suddenly I had an idea to take one of the poems and translate it into English. I liked poem “Cosmonauts’ holiday” by N. Samonius. It took me a few days to make an accurate translation of this verse. It was difficult for me do it as I hadn’t done this kind of work before. The most difficult thing for me was to find rhymes but I think I managed to do it. One of my students from the 9th grade wrote her own verse about Yuri Gagarin. I invited her to my lesson to recite it in front of the eighth graders. All the students liked the lesson. I hope that some teachers will use this material when they are preparing for a lesson or an extracurricular activity. There are two verses in the Russian and English languages in the appendix. The first verse is mine. There is also a newspaper made by the student of the 7th grade. Her name is Terekhova Arina. She also took part in the newspaper competition during the foreign language decade in Odintsovo. The presentation about Yuri Gagarin is given on electronic media.



Cosmonauts’ holiday! (Elena Vikhoreva)


All the girls and all the guys
In reality and good sleep.
Everybody dreams of spaceship
And hopes for the distant skies.

Now is the cosmonauts’ holiday!
We congratulate you on this day.
It was opened by Gagarin
Much has been said about him.

He is the world’s first spaceman
Therefore a hero for all.
was the most generous man
With supernatural smile at all.

That's why this great day
Has become kind for the kids.
Because, apparently, about space
Everybody in his childhood kept dream.

Like Gagarin,
All the boys want to become.
Children draw in honor of him
A colorful shower of stars.

After Gagarin lanes,
avenues and ships are named.
Now is the cosmonauts’ holiday!
Let’s say cosmonautics: Hooray!


Праздник космонавтов (Н. Самоний)

И мальчишки, и девчонки,
Наяву и в добрых снах,
Все о космосе мечтают,
О далёких небесах.

Ныне праздник космонавтов! –
Поздравляем с этим днём.
Нам открыл его Гагарин.
Много сказано о нём:

В мире первый космонавт он,
Потому для всех герой.
Был добрейшим человеком,
Был с улыбкой неземной.

Оттого-то этот праздник
Для детишек добрым стал,
Потому, видать, про космос
Каждый в детстве помышлял:

На Гагарина похожи
Все мальчишки быть хотят,
В честь него рисуют дети
Разноцветный звездопад.

В честь Гагарина – проспекты,
Корабли и катера…
Ныне праздник космонавтов:
Космонавтике – «Ура!».


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