Разработка урока английского языка для 9 класса «Computers: Pros and Cons»

Автор: Уразовская Яна Викторовна

Организация: МАОУ «СОШ №3»

Населенный пункт: ЯНАО, г. Новый Уренгой

Learners: the 9th form students


This methodological work is an English lesson in the 9th grade on the topic “Computers: Pros and Cons” using the textbook “Rainbow English” by O.V. Afanasieva, I.V. Mikheeva English 9. The lesson reveals the application of such elements of pedagogical technologies as: collaborative learning, communication learning, technology foreign language culture, a personal-oriented approach. The purpose of this lesson is improving listening, reading, and speaking skills, development of communicative competence on the topic.



-to improve students’ communicative skills;

-to expand students’ vocabulary on the topic “Computing”

- to encourage group and pair work;

- to stimulate students’ creative thinking and imagination;

- to bring up the culture of communication, friendly and tolerant attitude to each other, the ability to prove one’s point of view.

Equipment: multimedia presentation, audio and video materials, handouts, tape recorder.


  1. Introduction

T. Good afternoon, everybody! Today we are going to speak on the very vital and important topic “Computer in Our Life. Pros and Cons of Using a Computer”. Computer is one of the most important inventions of all times and it has changed our life for the better. So there are quite a lot of advantages of using it. During the lesson we will discuss its pros and cons, predict about the future of the computers, practise the words and word- combinations connected with computers, revise modal verbs can, be able to, should, find the solutions to the computer problems. By the end of the lesson you will be able to understand and use new words, develop your ability of speaking on the subject and proving your point of view.

II. Warming-Up

T. Now watch a short video “Communication Technology” and answer the following questions:

1. Do you have a computer at school or at home?

2. Do you have a laptop or a desktop computer? Do you have both?

3. When did you first start using a computer?

4. How often do you use a computer?

5. What operating system do you use?

6. What software do you use the most often?

7. Do you use your computer when you do homework for homework for school?

8. Have you ever studied English using your computer?

9. How many times have you upgraded your computer?

Game “Group Survey “Computer Fans”

T. Now you are going to make a group survey: you’ll do a test in groups of four and find out how much you depend on a computer, report back to the class and compare your results with other groups.

HO1 “Are You a Computer Fan?”

How much do you depend on a computer? Answer the questions of the text and tell about the results.

Are You a Computer Fan?

Read the questions and write near them:

A for Always

O for Often

S for Sometimes

R for Rarely

N for Never

________ I chat with friends.

________ I click and double-click with a mouse.

________ I communicate with other computer buffs.

________ I count /calculate with a spreadsheet.

________ I do my homework for my teachers.

________ I download music.

________ I get up early or stay up late to turn on my PC.

________ I go out much and socialize with people.

________ I have problems with my eyes and my back.

________ I have a sense of euphoria when I use a computer.

________ I listen to music.

________ I log on to check my emails.

________I look for information with a search engine.

________ I make copies of my favourite CDs with a CD-burner.

________ I neglect my family and friends.

________ I play video games.

________ I record and print pictures.

________ I scan pictures with a scanner.

________I send and receive emails.

________ I shop online.

________ I speak to my computer.

________ I spend time on my personal website.

________ I surf the Internet.

________ I type letters and documents with a word processor.

________ I use a web cam to see friends.

________ I use all the keys on the keyboard.

________ I use different types of software.

________ I watch movies and videos.

________ I write my own programs.

Count the number of:






If you have more R’s and N’s than A’s and O’s, it means you are OK.

If you have more A’s and O’s than R’s and N’s, it means you suffer from computer addiction.

  1. Main Part of the Lesson

T.As we know computers can do lots of things but can they replace people?

Look at the table on the blackboard and answer the following questions.

Questions and answers

  1. Can computers count?
  2. Can they translate?

Ps. yes, they can. But some translations are really funny.

  1. Can they speak?

Ps. yes, computers can speak, but limited.

  1. Can they print?

Ps. yes, of course. They can print some documents.

  1. Can computers forecast the weather?

Ps. yes, they can.

  1. Can computers have conversation?

Ps. No, they can’t.

  1. Can computers write books?

Ps. No, they can’t. Only the man can write them with their help.

  1. Can computers think?

Ps. No, they can’t think.

  1. Can computers eat, drink, and fall in love?

Ps. No, they can’t.

  1. Can computers replace people? What conclusion have we come to?

Ps. as we see, computers can do a lot of things, but not all of them, that’s why they can’t replace people. We are better in many ways. But we all use PCs to make our life easier.

Vocabulary practice

T. In the world of computers we use some special words and expressions. So, let’s do some exercises to practice the vocabulary on the topic “Computing”

1. Complete the text with the words from the box.

Virus, software, restarting, error, downloading, data, crashed


My computer 1__________ yesterday. I think I got a 2__________

When I was 3____________ music files from the Internet. First there was an 4__________ message, and then it stopped responding. I tried 5__________ it, but it didn’t help. I lost a lot of important 6________.

I’ve got to buy myself better anti-virus 7_________.


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