Методическая разработка по книге Ричарда Баха «Чайка по имени Джонатан Ливингстон»

Автор: Бормотова Мария Андреевна

Организация: МОУ СОШ 8

Населенный пункт: МО, г. Люберцы

Active Vocabulary:

  • flash (n, v)
  • to dodge
  • to practice
  • to stall
  • to matter
  • to be popular with smb.
  • to dismay (to be dismayed)
  • a glide
  • an altitude
  • a flock
  • a scrap (of fish and bread)
  • to make it work
  • to chase
  • short-lived (victory)
  • to be done with
  • a velocity



Find definitions of every item of the active vocabulary list, translate it if needed and make your own sentences.



Write out as many words from the text of Part 1 concerning the action of flying and translate them into Russian.



Reproduce the situations in which the vocabulary is used.



Translate the following using the vocabulary list:

  1. Солнце неожиданно выглянуло из-за туч и вспышкой света озарило небо.
  2. Для того, чтобы совершенствовать свои знания языка, надо много тренироваться.
  3. Быть нужной слишком много значило для нее, и поэтому она так переживала.
  4. Он был напуган, но страх все равно гнал его вперед.
  5. Спустя годы лишь некоторые изобретения работают на благо человека, многие из них остаются на бумаге.
  6. Эта победа была недолгой, еще многое предстояло сделать.
  7. Чайка Джонатан Ливингстон был изгнан из стаи, потому что любил летать не ради пропитания, а ради самого полета, другие чайки не поняли его.




Paraphrase or explain:

  • ….Even his parents were dismayed as Jonathan spent whole days alone, making hundreds of low-level glides, experimenting….
  • ….Son, you are bone and feathers…
  • ….he really tried fighting with the flock around the piers and fishing boats, diving on scraps of fish and bread. But he couldn’t make it work….
  • ….The subject was speed and in a week’s practice he learned more about speed than the fastest gull alive…
  • …. One who has touched excellence in his learning has no need of that kind of promise...



Questions and topics for discussion.

  1. Define the character of Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Do you share his viewpoint and attitude to living itself? Why wasn’t he popular with his flock and why was he dismissed at the Council Gathering? Dwell on this very extract.
  2. What was the point of Jonathan’s practice? Describe it in your own words.
  3. Was he sorry for his solitude? What was his discovery?
  4. Speak on the episode with two glowing gulls. Was there anything peculiar? Can we call it the climax of Part 1?
  5. Why do you think the author called the seagull this way? How does it correspond to his character traits?
  6. Give a summary of Part 1, concentrating on the essence of the story.




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