Внеклассное мероприятие для уч-ся 8 класса по теме «Поездка в Британию»

Автор: Алексеева Наталия Викторовна

Организация: МБОУ БГО СОШ №5

Населенный пункт: Воронежская область, г. Борисоглебск

Внеклассное мероприятие для учащихся 8 класса по теме «A trip to Britain».

Одним из существенных факторов, способствующих успешному обучению иностранному языку является организация внеклассной работы. Известно, что изучаемый на уроке языковой материал, как правило, не находит применения в жизненной практике школьников, и именно внеклассная работа может стать дополнением к учебной работе, способствовать закреплению и применению усвоенных обучающимися знаний, расширить их общий кругозор. Как показывает практика, внеклассные занятия, при правильной их организации, рациональном выборе содержания, видов, методов и приемов их проведения, помогают учителю решать важнейшие задачи образования и всестороннего развития обучающихся.

Цель: обобщающее повторение по теме «Великобритания»; закрепление навыков монологической и диалогической речи; актуализация страноведческого материала.

Ход мероприятия.

Teacher: Good afternoon my friends! As you know we have won a competition and next week we are going to have a trip to Britain. I would recommend you to read the Tips for Visitors leaflet before. All of you have your own reasons for visiting Britain. Believe me, you’ll be able to get the most out of your travelling. People like to learn about the world by travelling. They say it’s better to see things once with your own eyes than to hear about them many times or read about them in books, newspapers, magazines or when as surfing the Net. The best way to know and understand people is to meet them in their own environment, so that you can form a more or less adequate idea of them. You will go on unforgettable excursions, get new experience, visit various tourist attractions, make new friends and get perfect practical skills. And now I would like you to tell me about your reasons for travelling.

P 1: With pleasure. For me there is nothing more adventurous and exciting than travelling. I’ve been dreaming about visiting Liverpool for some years. I’m a fan of the Beatles. They became the most successful pop group the world has ever known. Also I can see the largest Garden Zoo and the Boat Museum.

P 2: If you ask me , I’m extremely interested in the history of London. More than that I’m fascinated by this city. It is a living history museum. London is full of impressive sights. I’ve seen the pictures of St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Hide Park, Big Ben and other places of interest in my textbook for several times and now I’d like to take pictures of them by myself. And, of course, I hope to see the Queen!

P 3: Well…, from my point of view Stratford- on- Avon is worth visiting too. I adore Shakespeare’s poetry, especially his sonnets. And I’d like to see the place where this great poet was born.

P 4: Frankly speaking, I’m looking forward to meeting a ghost. Scotland is famous for its ghosts. And I’m fond of mysterious things. To take part in Highland Games is a good idea as well. Oh! I’ve forgotten about the Loch Ness monster.

T: Do you really believe in it?

P 4: I’m sure it exists! My dream will come true and I’ll see it.

T: And what about you, Olga?

P 5: It seems to me that it would be interesting to visit the Museum of Viking Culture in York. I’ve always been good at History and read a lot of books about the past and it’s a good chance to learn more about Viking culture. It must be amazing that the visitors of the museum are carried in «timecars» through a vivid recreation of York as a port and trading center under the Danish kings, with the sights, sounds and even smells of the period.

T: Вy the way, do you remember about the city of Longleat in the south of England?

P 6: Sure. There we can see Britain’s first Safari Park, the world’s largest Maze, stately homes and


P 7: It’s just what I wanted! From our textbook I remember that the Maze in Wiltshire consists of over

1,5 miles of pathways flanked by yew hedges and in Safari Park there are large groups of wild animals.

We will be allowed to drive through the park in cars and coaches.

P 8: But I’ve always wanted to learn something about Nottingham in central England. They say that Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. And he is my favorite character. So, I’d like to learn more about him.

T: Well…I hope your dreams will come true. And we will have a nice trip. See you next Monday.


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